Why VCI Volunteer J. Timmons Signed the VCI Statement

I signed the VCI Statement because I have Muslim friends around the world, have worked with many of them, and have lived a couple summers in a Muslim country, so when I hear venomous, racist, and bigoted rhetoric about Muslims – especially from those in positions of power who were elected to represent us and “lead” our country, I get … Read More

Islamophobia and President Trump

By Ghanim Khalil The utility of powerful imagery to evoke emotional responses remains a powerful social and political method to promote reprehensible agendas that would otherwise be difficult to support. President Trump did just this when he retweeted three videos from Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of the “mosque invading” militant nationalist group Britain First, who posted them from other anti-Muslim/Islam … Read More

Veterans For Peace Board Member Joey King Speaks Out On Why He Opposes the Muslim Ban

Hello. My name is Joey King. I’m a board member of Veterans For Peace. I’ve also been an English-as-a-Second-Language teacher in Nashville, Tennessee since September 2001. Additionally, I teach two citizenship classes to immigrants and refugees who wish to become citizens. Of my eight weekly classes, four are comprised of refugees exclusively. As you can imagine, I come into contact with plenty … Read More

Brian Trautman, Board Treasurer of Veterans For Peace Speaks Out on Why He Signed the VCI Statement

I signed the Veterans Challenge Islamophobia statement because, as a military veteran with a profound commitment to the causes of civil and human rights, I felt a special responsibility to speak out against anti-Muslim rhetoric and other forms prejudice, racism and hatred expressed toward Muslims. Islamophobia has resulted in discrimination, marginalization and oppression of Muslims Americans here at home and … Read More

Our New Website

Welcome to our new website. For the past two years, we have been organizing against prejudice, racism, and hostility expressed towards Islam and the Muslim Community. In order to maximize our impact we have revamped not only our statement, but our entire website. Explore the new renovated site to find a multitude of useful resources you can use as an … Read More