VCI On Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump will be sworn in on January 20th, 2017 as the 45th President of the United States. Throughout this past year we have called upon Mr. Trump to abandon his divisive anti-Muslim rhetoric. He has done more to legitimize bigotry and create division than arguably any one person has done in the United States in decades. As people … Read More

WAMC Northeast Public Radio Discusses New Veterans For Peace Anti-Islamophobia Campaign

From WAMC Northeast Public Radio comes the article “Veterans Peace Group Launches Anti-Islamophobia Campaign”. The roughly 3,500-member strong Veterans for Peace organization has started a campaign called “Veterans Challenge Islamophobia.” More than 300 veterans have signed onto the effort, some of whom have made visible appearances at Donald Trump rallies in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Brian Trautman … Read More

Veterans For Peace Member and VCI Organizer Jim Driscoll Featured in ThinkProgress Article “Veteran Takes on Hate Speech Against Muslims”

From Justin Salhini, World Reporter at ThinkProgress focusing on human rights, the article “Veteran Takes on Hate Speech Against Muslims” features VFP member and VCI organizer Jim Driscoll. Jim Driscoll is the quintessential all-American. He has a PhD from Cornell, was a star football player at Harvard, was awarded a Bronze Star for fighting in Vietnam, and was on staff … Read More

CounterPunch Website Discusses Veterans Challenge Islamophobia Campaign

Brian Trautman, an instructor of peace studies at Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield, MA, a peace activist with Berkshire Citizens for Peace and Justice, an Army veteran, and member of Veterans For Peace wrote an article “New Veteran-led Campaign Challenge Islamophobia” for the CounterPunch website detailing violence and hostility against American Muslims and the Veterans Challenge Islamophobia Campaign.

VCI Organizers Nate Terani and Ramon Mejia Featured in Article “Veterans Talk Pathologies of Hate and Violence After Orlando Nightclub Tragedy”

Veterans Challenge Islamophobia organizers Nate Terani and Ramon Mejia were featured in the San Diego Free Press article “Veterans Talk Pathologies of Hate and Violence After Orlando Nightclub Tragedy”. Below are quotes from Nate and Ramon from the article. “Anytime a shooting or bombing occurs around the world, the collective hearts of 1.7 billion Muslims is shattered and the anxious … Read More