VCI Statement
We are military veterans, many of whom served during the conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam. We are appalled by the current state of prejudice, racism, and hostility expressed towards Islam and the Muslim Community in the United States.

Bigotry and intolerance violate all of the values we believed we were taking an oath to uphold. The ideals contained in the Constitution represent what our nation can become, rather than the racism and intolerance we have seen manifest in the history of our nation.

A promise of diversity, openness, and compassion for people of all faiths are the fundamental values we risked our lives to serve. These values for which so many of our sisters and brothers rendered the ultimate sacrifice, must be the foundation of our nation's future. Fear-mongering in the form of politicized and weaponized rhetoric has been used to cultivate a culture of fear, hatred, and animosity, allowing for a state of violence and perpetual warfare to persist at home and abroad.

Our values, as a nation, cannot abide and will not long endure amidst the divisiveness of hate speech and Islamophobia. Therefore, we call upon all in the United States and around the world to let their voices be heard and to stand up for the values of tolerance, respect, and love for all people and all faiths.
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