Veterans Challenge Islamophobia Featured on KBOO Veteran’s Voice Radio Show

Hosts Marvin and Angie of Northwest Vets for Peace welcome guests Ramon Mejia, Marine Corps vet with “Veterans Challenge Islamophobia” and activist/organizer in Dallas, Texas; Nate Terani, Navy Vet with “Veterans Challenge Islamophobia” and activist/organizer in Phoenix, Arizona; and Jake Maier, Marine Corps vet with the “Veterans Challenge Islamophobia” campaign and activist/organizer in the New Jersey/New York area.

Ramon Mejia has confronted white supremacists and para-military mosque protesters in Dallas, TX. Nate Terani was kicked out of a Trump rally and told to “get a job,” although he works for a non-profit providing services to vets with PTSD and TBI.

You can listen to the show on the KBOO website.

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