Veterans For Peace Member and VCI Organizer Jim Driscoll Featured in ThinkProgress Article “Veteran Takes on Hate Speech Against Muslims”

From Justin Salhini, World Reporter at ThinkProgress focusing on human rights, the article “Veteran Takes on Hate Speech Against Muslims” features VFP member and VCI organizer Jim Driscoll.

Jim Driscoll is the quintessential all-American. He has a PhD from Cornell, was a star football player at Harvard, was awarded a Bronze Star for fighting in Vietnam, and was on staff as a teacher at MIT before quitting in 1982 to devote his time to working for social justice. Now, at 70 years old, Driscoll is working with Veterans For Peace, an organization of military veterans and allies who are working to help veterans, dismantle the war economy, and eventually end all wars, to fighting the United States’ rising Islamophobia — something he says “violates every value of the United States Constitution.”

Driscoll recently spoke to ThinkProgress by phone about what led him to take up the fight and how the public has received his actions.

Click here to read the full article.

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